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Summer takes life at Terrasses Bonsecours’ bistro in the heart of the Old Port with a panoramic view which will take your breath away! Discover a delectable menu inspired by the Mediterranean, reinvigorating cocktails and a mouth watering selection of sangrias, perfect to sit back and relax after a long day!

Open from noon to 3 am 7 days on 7, there is no excuse to not join us and escape to the sound of the best music in Montreal!

Nothing has been forgotten, up to weekly and thematic events, such as Wet Wednesday, Sabato & Boozy Brunch! All that, at bistro Terrasses Bonsecours, more than a meal with friends, an unforgettable visit. 

Terrasses Bonsecours equals summer, we’re only missing you! All reservations are a 2HR service.


Dress code is implemented each week day as of 6PM and Sundays as of 2PM.

Dress to impress.


Contact us or ask any questions through our online contact form.
Or reserve now by clicking on the “Reserve Now” button. All reservations are a 2HR service.